Keeping Your Veneers Vibrant And Clean

You can absolutely keep your porcelain veneers looking exceptional even years after you receive them. That is, assuming you know very well how to protect your smile by keeping it clean. When you keep teeth, gums, and the veneers you’ve chosen cleansed and cared for, you do your best to make the most of your smile’s beauty! Let’s talk basic smile care details and that porcelain will shine and shine!

Your Toothbrush And Paste

First, let’s ensure you have the right products on hand to clean your smile, while protecting dental tissue and porcelain veneers:

  • You need a toothbrush that has soft bristles, that’s no older than three to four months, and preferably one approved by the American Dental Association (ADA)
  • You need toothpaste that’s fluoridated, that you like, that doesn’t have anything in it to exfoliate your teeth (no abrasives), and that’s ADA approved

Your Brushing Habits

When you brush, you can thoroughly clean your smile by brushing for two whole minutes, making sure to cover all bases. Clean every surface (front, back, sides, chewing surfaces, etc.) to make sure you’ve done a good job. Do this twice every day.

Your Floss And Flossing Habits

How are your floss and your habits with that floss? Let’s run through the things you have got to know:

  • You should choose floss that you enjoy in a texture that works for you and that is preferably accepted by the ADA
  • You should floss between all teeth and behind the very back teeth every day, just once

Your Visits With Our Friendly Practice!

Visiting us for a cleaning and also for an exam should take place two times a year. When we see you every six months for your cleanings, we remove the stuff you cannot, thereby encouraging a smile with porcelain veneers that’s bright and beautiful!

Keep Veneers Lovely With Our Care

Caring for your smile at home is half the task. The other half is seeing us to keep your teeth and veneers beautiful and safe through cleanings and checkups. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.