Sleep Apnea And Caffeine: 3 Details To Remember

You may not make all of the connections to your lifestyle decisions that you need to make right off the bat when it comes to addressing sleep apnea. You know, of course, that professionally provided sleep apnea treatment is a wonderful tool to help you sleep. However, when it comes to things as simple as your daily caffeine intake, you might not even recognize the way little decisions can play a big role in the success of your treatment. Good news: We can steer you in the correct direction with ease!

#1: Caffeine Can Disrupt Your Sleep

Caffeine isn’t necessarily going to wake you up. Instead, it’s probably going to make it more likely that you can’t even fall asleep at all. So, it’s important to consider this detail. When you want to treat your sleep apnea but you aren’t even able to get into the land of the unconscious, you’re going to face additional problems!

#2: You Can Still Drink It (Maybe)

So, what’s the solution when it comes to your caffeine and sleep apnea treatment, you wonder? Will you have to just give caffeine up cold turkey? Well, not necessarily. It all depends on your constitution. If you can handle some caffeine, you may simply have to have a cut-off time, so that when you get into bed, the caffeine has worn off. Experiment a bit to see what works.

#3: It Might Be Hiding In Something Unexpected

Pay close attention to the foods and drinks you’re consuming. Remember that you can always use an online search engine when in doubt. Otherwise, you may be unknowingly consuming caffeine that’s decreasing the effectiveness of your sleep apnea treatment! (Hint: Chocolate bars and even decaf coffee contain caffeine!).

Let Us Treat Your Sleep Apnea For Effective Care

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