Are You Ready for Invisalign?

Is summer your busy time of year, or does it offer a chance to kick back and relax? Maybe your work has an ebb and flow all its own. If you are contemplating an improvement to your smile, it doesn’t have to be disruptive. In fact, if you are considering Invisalign clear braces in Pella, IA you can multitask, and improve your smile without disrupting the rest of your life. If your teeth need discreet guidance to form the most attractive smile, consider Invisalign as a solution.

Have You Considered the Options?

When thinking about smile improvement, it never hurts to explore the options on your own schedule. You can ask preliminary questions at any regularly scheduled checkups. You may know someone who has had success with Invisalign in the past. When you are ready, you will want to schedule a cosmetic consultation appointment, to have time to discuss Invisalign, and whether it is right for you, in detail.

Are Your OK With Keeping Track of Trays?

Invisalign is a neat and (for most people) easy option to improve a smile. You will visit our office for initial measurements, using dental technology to look closely at your teeth, and how they interact with each other and your jaw. Once your custom-made aligner trays are ready, you will return for any questions, and to receive your schedule for wearing them. Every two weeks or so, you will transition to a new tray, as the teeth gradually move to their new positions. Losing a tray, or wearing them in the wrong order, will interrupt the repositioning, and could delay treatment or add additional cost.

Are Your Financing Questions Answered?

While restorative procedures (such as dental fillings and dental implants) may be fully or partially covered by insurance, most plans do not extend the same coverage if the procedure is deemed cosmetic. Our experienced office staff can help you contact your insurance, so you can get the answers you need. Our office accepts patient payments in the form of cash, check and selected credit cards. 

Summer is One Great Time to Straighten a Smile

If this is a good time to explore options for obtaining the smile you always wanted, we have appointments available. At Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry, we are proud to provide a range of effective services to all of our patients, in addition to providing great preventive oral health support. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann, call our dental office in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.