Hey, Don’t Get That Filling In A While: Go For “Very Soon”

Everyone has a lot to do on a daily basis. Beyond what you have to do, there’s a natural prioritization of details regarding what you really want to do and then those things you really should probably take care of. So, when our Pella, IA team informs you that you need a dental filling, you may not really feel compelled to put it at the top of that list of yours. While we understand why you might not want to, we also think you’ll understand why we think it’s a very important decision to act quickly when you’ve got tooth decay. Consider a bit of new information you might not yet be familiar with and you just might decide to shuffle your filling to the number one priority slot!

They Feel Fine And Take Little Time

One reason we often find that our patients absolutely bury their dental filling way down in their list of priorities? They’re a bit afraid of it. For some, this is strictly due to assuming it’s going to feel uncomfortable. For others, it’s the assumption that it’s going to take a long time and pose a serious daytime interruption. Here’s the good news that you want:

  • Fillings feel just fine! Really. Your tissue will be numb, so you’ll know something’s going on but you won’t feel what we’re doing.
  • Fillings are quick. You’re not going to be in our dental chair for hours.

Without One, You’re Really Gambling

You might be a gambler at heart, which is perfectly fine when the stakes aren’t high! However, when we’re talking about your oral health, you probably shouldn’t be rolling the dice. The reason we encourage you to set up your dental filling for a not-too-distant date and time right when we discover tooth decay? That decay is not a static, unchanging problem. Instead, it’s a progressing, evolving concern that will continue to damage more and more of your tissue. It will also potentially steer you down a path toward infection. When you get your filling as soon as you can, rather than waiting, you’re giving your smile health instant protection against a long list of possible problems.

See Our Team As Soon As You Can For Fillings

Don’t ignore the fact that you need a dental filling. Instead, embrace it and take care of your tooth very soon to protect your smile health! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.