What Really Happens When You Brush Crazy Hard

When you brush your teeth extremely hard, what you think is happening may be something like this: You assume you’re getting rid of every last trace of plaque and debris, so you figure your smile is going to feel super slick and will actually be very clean. However, there’s a big discrepancy between what you think is going on and what you’re really doing to your oral health when you brush like this. Our major, overriding tip for you if you’re a hard brusher is to do a 180 and brush very gently instead. Why, you ask? Well, our Pella, IA team is ready to explain!

Teeth Don’t Get Any Cleaner

You might assume that when you’re really going to town with your toothbrush, brushing as hard and furiously as you possibly can, you must be really getting your teeth clean. The truth is, you can get your smile just as clean with very gentle strokes, a gentle approach, and it will be much less exhausting for you! Oh, and when you’re gentle, you don’t end up accidentally harming your oral health!

Gums Start To Recede

About that whole “harming your oral health” with aggressive brushing thing: It’s real! If you brush gently, it’s good for your periodontal health. If you scrub very hard, your gum tissue gets quite irritated. In response, it tries to “run away” by pulling back and away from your teeth. You need your gums to remain in place and flat! Skip the super hard brushing and go with gentle care instead, so you don’t jeopardize your gum health when all you’re trying to do is complete a job well done.

Dental Erosion Takes Place

In addition to upsetting your gum health, you can upset your teeth, too. Remember that your enamel is the outer layer of dental tissue that surrounds your teeth. It’s extremely hard and protective. However, you can most certainly strip it down with hard brushing. Let it remain intact! Instead, follow our team’s advice to brush with a delicate but thorough touch.

See Us For The Information You Need About Hygiene

If you’re not sure that you are brushing correctly and you want help getting the details squared away, talk with our team! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.