Your Lip Health This Winter: Need Some Tips?

Do you reflect on winters past and realize that you are probably going to need some professional guidance when it comes to keeping your lip health from turning into something you battle (and lose against) throughout the entire colder season? We know: When you feel ill-equipped to handle your lips, which magically seem to maintain their supple, cushiony plumpness throughout every other season, it always seems to come as a shock. Then, by the time to start trying to rectify the situation, you feel like you’re already too late. Take some hints from our Pella, IA team and you will find that this is an issue with which you truly can succeed!

Tip: Form A Lip Treatment Habit

We usually suggest against habits that include your need to touch your lips. However, in this case, we make an exception! Of course, you should still be very careful to keep your fingertips clean (and you may simply wish to use an applicator that does the work on your behalf, so you can completely keep your fingertips out of it!). Apply frequently, as much as you want in fact, to keep your lip health on track. It really needs extra moisture this time of year. Not sure where to go for lip care? Head to your local drugstore, pharmacy, or department store, or check online. You will find that this treatment is available in just about every flavor, formulation, variety, and more that you can imagine!

Tip: Don’t Skimp On The SPF

Whether you’re sitting in front of a window or you are heading outside for skiing or other fun, don’t forget that the sun is still present! Did you know that you can end up with burned lip skin in cooler weather just like you can end up with it during warmer days? The same is true for the skin around your lips and on the rest of your face (and body). So, what’s the solution for your lip health and more? Keep up with your application of an SPF, of course. You may wish to apply a sunscreen all over your face. You should most certainly apply a balm or other product formulated for lips that contains SPF, as well, to protect this fragile tissue.

Protect Your Pucker With Professional Assistance

Our team is happy to help you protect not only your teeth and gums but your lip tissue, too! Remember to ask for help if you need it. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.