New Year’s Resolutions: A-B-C-D

There are so many ways to approach your resolutions for the upcoming new year! When the focus of your promises to “do even better” in the future includes dental care, well … our Pella, IA team happens to have an easy idea that will help you plan and remember those thoughts you have as you go into 2019. Take a quick stroll through oral health resolutions that follow an A-B-C-D pattern and you’ll be set up for a year that offers exceptional smile health!

Ask Us Questions

First, remember that “A” is for asking questions. We know that you can occasionally find yourself feeling shy if you would like to ask us something. This usually happens if you assume you should already know about something (such as dental hygiene or preventive care). However, remember that we are always open to helping you with your smile, even if you need a quick review of something you think is old or basic material. The more you know, the easier it is to keep your oral health safe!

Book Your Appointment

“B” is for book your appointments! Keep in mind that this can apply to anything related to your oral health or even the esthetics of your smile. Whatever you need, from dental cleanings and checkups to restorative care or even teeth whitening, the only way you will be able to receive the is by scheduling them! Call us when you need us.

Consider Cosmetic Care

“C” is for considering cosmetic care. Is this because we think that you need it? No way! However, if this has even crossed your mind, then we remind you to add it to your list of resolutions. Don’t forget that it’s easy to learn about esthetic changes and to actually receive them. All you have to do is get started by coming in to see us.

Dedicate Yourself To Dental Hygiene

“D” is for dedicate yourself! Become better dedicated to your home care if you are not already doing so (or, simply remain dedicated). Why? Well, because this is one of the essential factors in protecting your oral health. Practice dental hygiene as suggested and you’re doing a huge service for your teeth and gums!

Take Excellent Care Of Your Grin With Smile Visits

Come in for visits to keep your smile in exceptional health by setting up cleanings and checkups two times a year. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.