TMJ Questions We Never Thought You’d Ask!

When we talk with patients about TMJ health, we often find that this is an area of care that is rarely considered. Of course, our patients in Pella, IA think a lot about keeping their smiles clean, free of stains, free of cavities, and they even consider their gum health! Jaw joints, on the other hand, are functional in nature, their problems disconnected from dental hygiene and therefore, often overlooked. Allow us to remind you why you should keep jaw health from falling through the cracks and you’ll be glad for the education down the line!

Why Should I Care About My TMJs?

We never thought you’d be brave enough to ask! The reason you should bother caring about your TMJ health is the fact that you rely on them to provide your lower jaw with movement, which thereby lets your mouth move. Without this action, you couldn’t chew food, communicate verbally, etc. Nobody wants to live with pain and problems related to such daily details. By protecting these joints, you ensure speaking and more don’t become chores, rather than effortless actions.

Is TMJ Treatment Enough?

Generally speaking, TMJ treatment offers you quite a lot of help for your TMJ health but you are going to have to be a bit proactive in other areas just to be sure you’re doing everything you can. Remember, if you’re wearing your mouthguard at night, which is the oral appliance therapy we offer, you’re doing a lot to protect your jaw joints. However, if you do this but then during the day, you chew gum, eat extremely hard foods, and you do other things that can strain your TMJs, then you’re working against the treatment. So, treatment offer the bulk of improvement but you may need to consider lifestyle choices for the full impact.

Why Is This Happening To Me?

In some cases, we can track down the causes of the problems you’re having with your TMJ health. For instance, if you dealt with some type of physical injury that damaged one or both of these joints, this may be the cause of your concerns. However, sometimes it’s not quite so easy. Doctors don’t know exactly what bring this on in each scenario. Excess strain and pressure, issues like bruxism, misalignment, and more may contribute, though! So, when you seek treatment with us, we can take every necessary step toward offering you the oral health protection your joints need.

Enjoy Optimal Jaw Health

Come in not only to ensure you’re on track with issues related to your dental hygiene but also to feel certain that you’re protecting the function of your oral tissues. When you need TMJ help, we are here with treatment! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.