What Your Toothache Might Tell You

When you have a toothache, your body is communicating something to do you but what is it? Are you receiving a message that you need to be more careful about not knocking your tooth on your coffee cup in the morning as you take your first sip? Or, is your tooth letting you know that a much more serious concern is going on, which is resulting in dental pain? As our Pella, IA team can only answer questions about your smile when we see you, to begin, we can offer general details about what might be happening! (For more info, come in!).

You Have Decay Or An Infection

One of the things your toothache might be trying to tell you? That you have tooth decay or that you have an infection. It’s important to remember that there can be a fine line between these things and you can have both! A large cavity may make way for bacteria to enter your tooth, causing infection. See what we mean? The main takeaway here is that pain is often a signifier of an issue associated with an illness that requires treatment from our team (such as a filling or root canal), so don’t ignore it. See us ASAP!

Your Tooth’s Structure Is Damaged

Now, remember as well that the nerves in your teeth are beneath the surface of your outer most layer, called enamel. So, they usually have lots of protection. However, if you were to crack or break your tooth (even if you only damage the structure a tiny bit), nerves become exposed! This doesn’t feel very good and you may experience some “zings” or a toothache. Let us know!

Your Tooth Is Irritated

We encourage you to remember that a toothache can sometimes occur due to general irritation. You might have bruxism disorder and all of that friction and pressing is causing one or more toothaches. You might have misaligned teeth and one tooth is tapped against frequently, causing pain. Maybe you’ve been pressing on your tooth with your tongue quite a lot. Remember, no matter what, it’s worth investigating with us!

You Need A Visit!

As mentioned, your toothache is also telling you that you really need to get in touch with us to schedule a dental checkup, so call us soon!

Discover The Cause Of Your Toothache

Come in when a toothache affects your oral health, so you can find out why you are in pain and so you can receive the care you need to make it stop. Begin by setting up a dental visit with our friendly dental team! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.