What Are You Doing For Extra Smile Protection?

There’s the usual smile protection, of course, that you offer yourself at home every single time you brush your teeth and every time you floss. This becomes particularly beneficial when you are just as consistent and thorough as we suggest. Then, there’s the protection you offer your oral health when you come in for your cleanings and checkups with us. However, we wonder, what do you do in addition to your usual prevention to keep your smile safe? If you’re shrugging your shoulders, let us explore this topic with you!

Do You Use An Athletic Mouthguard?

We remind patients as frequently as we can, and particularly when there are rises in organized sports in the community, that they should really be wearing an athletic mouthguard when participating in anything that could lead to strong contact with their smiles. For instance, if you have a football hit you in the mouth at full speed, a knee, an elbow, or even the ground, you want a buffer between your teeth and the object for shock absorption and protection. Let us know if you are not yet wearing but are interested in this very important form of oral health protection, so we may help!

Do Your Kids Have Dental Sealants?

Now, shifting gears a little bit, our team is curious about whether you’ve provided your children with the extra preventive dental care they need for long-lasting smile health. Of course, they can make it through with brushing and flossing (and professional cleanings) without sealants. However, we always strongly suggest dental sealants because success without them isn’t quite as likely. They give your kids the chance to deal with human error, as they develop and improve their habits, without serious oral consequences in the meantime. Learn more about them simply by asking!

Do You Keep Water With You 24/7?

If you’re not keeping water with you nearly all day, every day, then you’re missing out on some extra oral health protection that is absolutely, 100 percent good for you in more ways than one. Of course, you need water to survive and to thrive because you need to remain hydrated. Keeping water with you makes it easy to sip all day long. Then, there’s the fact that when you sip (and rinse) with water, it offers exceptional smile protection by rinsing your mouth clean of things like sugars after snacks and meals. Give it a try!

Give Your Smile Extra Protection

Make sure you’re providing your smile with all of the protection it needs not only by following through with the preventive visits and dental hygiene we require but by learning more about wise oral health choices! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.