1,2,3: Numbers To Remember During Dental Hygiene!

When you’re considering the ways to look at dental hygiene, how to remember the basics, and how to feel sure you’re on track with the fundamentals (such as how much toothpaste you should use), you might feel like there’s a lot to remember! If you could only find some sort of landmark or memorization-type detail that would help you keep it all together and easy to access, you would be so happy! Fortunately, for those of you who prefer to remember things by numbers, our Pella, IA team can make smile care at home for all ages a breeze to get through.

The Number 1

We begin by reminding you of the number one! When you discover that there is some part of dental hygiene that you only have to do once a day, it’s a moment filled with happiness and sunshine! With that said remember: You provide your smile with excellent cleansing when you floss once daily. We know that patients sometimes ask why they have to floss at all but we hope you will maintain a positive perspective in recognizing that it’s very little input for some serious plaque removal. This helps you protect yourself from plaque-related oral health diseases, from tooth decay to gingivitis, so keep it up! If you ever have any questions about how to floss correctly or about products, just ask.

The Number 2

Now, it’s time to cover the details associated with the number two! Again, you’re not going to be needing to do too much in terms of dental hygiene, when the number is two, so remember that feeling grateful that prevention is so simple is often very helpful. Now, here we go: You need to brush your smile two times a day. Not just at any time! We generally suggest you brush one time during a morning session and then once more for an evening/nighttime session. Remember, as well, that each of those brushing sessions should take two minutes apiece if you want the best results possible.

The Number 3

Remember the following details to help you enjoy your best oral health, as your responsibilities in dental hygiene relate to the number three:

  • For children younger than three years of age, all you need to use is a small bit of toothpaste equal to about one grain of rice.
  • For children three and older (all the way into adulthood), you need to use just one dab of toothpaste that’s roughly the size of one pea.
  • You should replace your brush every three months (up to every four months).

See Us For Dental Care Guidance

When you’re not feeling like you’re doing your absolute best job with dental hygiene, don’t overlook the fact that we are always in your corner! Get in touch with our team just as soon as you’re ready for help! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.