On The Topic Of Toothpaste: 4 Considerations!

The use of toothpaste: It seems like an exceptionally simple topic. So much so that you may find yourself wondering what on earth you could possibly be missing in terms of this particular aspect of your dental hygiene. What’s the big deal, you ask? You put some on a toothbrush, you brush thoroughly, and you’re done! While we can certainly agree with you that streamlining your oral health protection can be very easy, our Pella, IA team reminds you: Sometimes it’s those little, subtle nuances that (once you learn them) can make a hugely significant impact on the success of those brushing sessions!

#1: You Might Be Using Too Much

Did you have any idea that it was possible to pile your toothbrush too high with toothpaste? Indeed, it is! We know, the image you carry with you is probably one that you have seen your entire life: It’s a toothbrush with an over-serving of toothpaste, slathered all down the head of the toothbrush and then curved over in beautiful formation. Though this is the classic image that we are all exposed to, it’s actually way too much. You need to use the amount of one pea. Any more and you’re using too much.

#2: Abrasive Paste Is Dangerous, Not Beneficial

Did you know that the abrasive, scrubby stuff in some toothpastes isn’t actually a good choice for your dental hygiene? In fact, it’s dangerous for your oral health. This is true whether the ingredient is natural, is baking soda, or even if it claims to be gentle. It can still lead to scraped enamel, which makes you more prone to weak teeth and the many complications that stem from them (like decay). If you want cleaner, whiter teeth, simply let us know and we can help.

#3: You Should Love, Love, Love It!

If you don’t already feel kindly toward your toothpaste, then it’s probably not going to happen. That’s okay! That is, assuming you say goodbye and move onto something else. Remember: Your dental hygiene is only effective if you consistently practice it every day. Making sure this happens is much easier when you love the products you’re choosing to use, so pay attention to what you like and dislike and narrow it down to something that makes you smile.

#4: Always Choose Fluoride!

You’ll hear both sides of the debate. Choose our side! Always use fluoridated toothpaste for dental hygiene that works its best.

Find Out How To Make Good Care Choices

While you may have a good idea about what types of choices you should be making, you may still feel as though you have a bit of work to do in getting there! No problem. Contact our team soon for helpful advice! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.