3 Times Traditional Whitening Is Just The Ticket!

You may wonder to yourself: Is traditional teeth whitening going to be the pathway you should take to help you to quickly see beautiful results, while you wave goodbye to your currently discolored smile? Is whitening for you, you ask, or are you supposed to be considering the other cosmetic care options before you determine that bleaching gel is going to be the method that best suits your needs? Of course, talking over the details with our Pella, IA team with the help of a quick consultation will give you all of the answers. For now, consider a quick preview into some instances in which the traditional approach to whitening is going to be the best bet!

#1: You Have All Over Staining

Is traditional teeth whitening going to be a good idea for you, you wonder? Well, we remind you that when you’re thinking about your cosmetic dentistry options and your concern is some type of stain or discoloration, there are a variety of options. Whitening comes in when you’re dealing with staining that is affecting the majority of your smile in a fairly uniform way. For instance, you have a smile that’s yellowed or darkened throughout, rather than a mostly white smile with just one dark tooth. Remember that whitening works with a comprehensive application of bleaching gel onto all of your teeth, so if you need widespread improvement, this just might be the ticket to success! The best way to learn more about whitening and to receive answers about your own smile is to visit our team!

#2: You Have A Special Event Coming Up

Now, here’s another instance in which you may discover that teeth whitening is just what you need: You have something special on the horizon and you really wish your smile was much whiter! Remember, it’s as easy as coming in to see us, receiving your custom whitening trays and gel, and whitening at home for about two weeks. This makes prepping for an event extremely easy, as you can adjust your schedule to ensure you’ve got a vibrant grin by the time your big moment arrives!

#3: Your Grin Is Just A Bit Dull (But That’s It)

You may wonder if traditional teeth whitening is really the way to go or if you should be considering porcelain veneers! Keep in mind that when your one goal is a whiter smile, whitening is fantastic because the is the one goal it helps you reach. You don’t require veneers unless you have very deep staining or you want to address additional problems.

Consider Teeth Whitening Today

When you’re unhappy with yellowing, dimming, or a generally lackluster appearance, we remind you that considering teeth whitening may be just what you need. Schedule a consultation with us soon to find out more! Set up an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.