Preventive Care: Do You Recognize Its Importance?

It can be trying to understand just how important your preventive care really is for your smile without some amount of context or extra information. Why is that, you ask our Pella, IA team? Well, generally speaking, you need a bit of time in order to see the benefits of taking excellent care of your teeth and gums. Furthermore, if you do follow through with wonderful prevention, you may never experience any serious problems, so you don’t really know what life is like without a healthy grin! For some helpful insight, our team offers you further information, so you can remember to keep up the good work!

It Helps You Right Now

First, we remind you that preventive care helps you right now. If you’re not already well aware of that, we would like to explain what we mean. To begin, consider what happens every single day when you care for your smile. You brush. You floss. You’re removing the remaining bits of food that become trapped in your mouth. You’re removing soft plaque that, if left on your smile, can turn into tartar that will make you more prone to gum and tooth problems. So, on a daily basis, you enjoy smile protection and a clean grin with your preventive habits.

It Helps Protect Your Future Smile

It’s hard to see way into the future, partly because we do not have time machines, of course, and partly because it’s just very difficult to connect the dots between the preventive care you practice today and just how powerfully it influences where your oral health will be in a year, several years, or even decades from now. Allow us to help you: If you care for your grin with consistent prevention now, you can avoid the need for restorative care like fillings and crowns. This means you’re avoiding damage that, over time, can encourage tooth loss. So, care for your smile today, enjoy a completely healthy smile many years down the line.

Your Twice-A-Year Visits Are Powerful!

You know what your preventive care at home entails and you know that it helps you keep your grin safe and sound every day and well into the future. We remind you that your care with us, through twice-a-year checkups and cleanings, is also very important. It’s what completes a thorough approach to prevention! Think of it as that final step that completes the circuit, finishes the puzzle, etc.

Keep Up With Preventive Care

Remember to do your best to maintain your oral health through preventive care. Brush your teeth and floss your teeth at home and also come in to see our team for your twice-a-year visits for optimal protection! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.