3 Times You’ll Need A Checkup First

As you are well aware, there’s a guideline in place for your dental checkups and cleanings that we suggest you receive every year: Our Pella, IA team encourages you to remain on track with keeping your teeth and gums safe by scheduling a preventive care visit once every six months, which shakes out to roughly twice a year. So, when else might you need to schedule a checkup before you can move on with whatever particular plans you are making for yourself, you may wonder? Of course, we’re happy to give you some examples, so you recognize that an additional smile exam is sometimes necessary!

#1: When You’re Considering Cosmetic Care

If you’re thinking that cosmetic care is definitely on the top of your priority list right now, then we remind you: Before you can decide on cosmetic care and trudge forward with the treatment you want, you’ll first need a dental checkup with our team! Why is this, you ask? Well, the basis for candidacy includes a smile that’s already in good health. If we discover that it isn’t, don’t worry! You’ll just have to add restorative care to the top of that priority list and you’ll soon be in good shape and a fantastic candidate for the changes you want to see.

#2: When You’re Going On A Vacation!

Are you headed out on vacation? When it’s a quick overnight trip, it’s not a huge deal. However, let’s say you’re planning a trip for a week or more! What you definitely don’t want to deal with during this time for relaxation and fun is an oral health problem. So, we always advise our patients to come in for a dental checkup before heading out for an extended vacay! That way, there’s no stress, there’s no worry, and there are definitely no sudden problems that you could have avoided, had you spent some time in our dental chair for a quick preventive visits!

#3: When You Think You Need Restorative Care

Do you think that you need restorative care? If so, remember that you’ll need a dental checkup first before you can know for certain what’s happening with your smile! Yes, it might seem like you have a cavity but it could just be irritation. You might think you have a cracked tooth but you may discover that what you’re seeing is really just a craze line. Always ask for our professional opinion!

Come See Our Team For A Checkup Soon!

Don’t drag your feet when you think you need a dental checkup or when there is some type of dental care you require or want for yourself. Instead, set up a visit with our compassionate team very soon! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.