What To Do When Care Doesn’t Feel Good

Sometimes, the dental care that is meant to help you maintain your oral health and that you know intuitively shouldn’t feel uncomfortable? It ends up feeling very uncomfortable. As we will always remind you, when pain or any type of unpleasant sensations occur as a result of doing things like brushing your teeth, it is absolutely time to get in contact with our Pella, IA team, so we can help you figure out why it’s happening and so we can quickly make it stop! Returning to smile protection that feels perfectly neutral is easy, when you come in for the help you need!

When Flossing Hurts Your Gums Or Teeth

First and foremost, it is possible that the reason it hurts when you floss is the fact that you’re going too fast or too hard with this part of your home dental care. You may be snapping floss between your teeth (you should be gently wiggling it into place) or you may be pressing hard (you should be gentle). Beyond this possible concern is the fact that you may have issues that require treatment, such as gingivitis (causing gums to feel extra sensitive) or tooth decay (making flossing uncomfortable for your teeth). See us soon to learn more and for solutions!

When Brushing Is Uncomfortable

You’ll find that we have much the same to say about what you should consider when you realize that the brushing part of your dental care isn’t feeling so wonderful. On one hand, it could be the result of your approach! When you’re very aggressive, you irritate your teeth. You irritate your gums. You can even lead to damage to both, so it’s best to remember that the goal is always to be gentle. As for other stuff that might be going on, for which you may require our professional care? You might have a cavity or other issue requiring treatment!

When Cold Water Hurts

If cold water is causing you pain, which is problematic because you tend to rinse frequently to help your smile remain as healthy as possible, we remind you that you probably need to come in! It could be minor sensitivity that we can help treat with a new (sensitivity) toothpaste suggestion. Or, sensitivity may point to an issue like decay or infection. Come on in! We will solve the mystery.

See Our Team For Hygiene Answers

Let our friendly team know when you’re struggling with any aspect of your dental care, whether at home or with scheduling visits, so we can help you figure out the best way to approach improving your efforts! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.