Your Cleaning: Things You Can Look Forward To 

It’s just one little part of the fabric of your life, when you’re doing things right: It’s your professional dental cleaning that you should be receiving from us twice every single year. When you consider the fact that we need to see you twice within a 12-month period, you quickly realize this means you’re going to end up seeing us in intervals of six months. Good, you might think to yourself, you’ve got the scheduling part figured out. However, you may still want to ask our Pella, IA team: What types of benefits am I gaining from keeping up with cleanings? As you might have guessed, we can most certainly help you in this department!

Thorough Plaque And Tartar Removal

Your dental cleaning isn’t just a novelty or a thing we suggest because it’s a nice way to stay in touch. It’s very thorough yet gentle cleansing process that allows you to have lots of protection for your oral health. Remember, at home, you’re brushing and you’re flossing. The result of this is that you remove most of the plaque that’s present. See what we just said there? You remove most of it! So, there will always be just a little bit left. Some of it will become tartar, which is far too hard for you to remove with dental hygiene. So, you come to us for the removal of this minor buildup every six months, which means you can avoid problems associated with plaque-and-tartar buildup, such as tooth decay and gingivitis!

The Polishing Of Your Smile

We remind you that in addition to the removal of plaque and tartar, we will also use a gentle device to polish your smile! If you have ever wondered what we are doing when we use that special, professional toothpaste, this is it! You can expect to walk out of our practice with a smile that feels so much cleaner and that looks super clean.

Time For Help With Dental Hygiene

During your dental cleaning, we want you to remember that this is a very good time to let us know you need some help with, you guessed it: Keeping your smile clean! Remember that there is absolutely no shame in admitting you need help choosing dental care products, help with brushing, or help with flossing. Instead, we encourage such discussion and always admire and applaud patients who are open with us about their dental care needs! When you know what you need to know, it makes protecting your smile health so much easier.

Schedule Cleanings Every Six Months

Don’t fall behind with your professional dental cleanings with our friendly practice. Keep in mind that staying on track simply requires you to set up a checkup and cleaning with us every six months! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.