Promoting Optimal Periodontal Health For 2020

If you’ve recently begun to learn more about your periodontal health, then you may have a growing appreciation for the fact that protecting it is very important for your smile’s future! You are likely also realizing that keeping your periodontal tissues safe is actually extremely easy to do, assuming you choose to follow through with on-time, consistent, effective preventive care. With that said, our Pella, IA team would be more than happy to quickly walk you through the essentials, so you can feel confident that your 2020 will allow you to enjoy optimal perio health!

Get Your Second Cleaning And Checkup (Soon)

If you are due for your next dental checkup and cleaning, remember that this is key to maintaining your periodontal health. When you wait or skip cleanings, you allow plaque and tartar to build up and you can even overlook existing gingivitis that’s treatable (if you find it right away).

Resolve To Follow Through With Visits In 2020

Good, you’re getting the hang of how to protect your smile! It’s twice-a-year dental checkups and cleanings. If you’ve made it through 2019 having managed to see us every six months for your preventive care visit, we remind you that this is something you should keep up in 2020 and beyond. When you’re committed to seeing us twice annually, you provide yourself with comprehensive protection for all of your oral tissues (gums, teeth, and more included)!

Become Wholly Dedicated To Brushing And Flossing

Following through with the professional aspect of your oral health protection is extremely important for your dental health and your periodontal health. However, it’s not the full picture. Complete prevention means you’re also following a dedicated daily routine at home, as well. It’s just as easy as we have promised:

  • You’ll brush your teeth, two minutes each time, morning and evening
  • You’ll floss daily, too, as remembering to do this is key to protecting your perio health!

Ask Us Hygiene Questions, If You Have Them

Are you certain about how well you’re brushing and flossing your smile? Does it occasionally occur to you that you feel a little uneasy about how effective your methods are? Check in with our team the next time we see you for your checkup and we will be pleased to guide you through all important details!

Prepare For Excellent Periodontal Health 

Make sure the new year is bright and includes your optimal oral and periodontal health, when you come in for the dental cleanings and checkups you need! Follow our advice, so you may keep your smile safe. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.