What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

pella tooth sensitivity

Do you notice tooth sensitivity when you eat or drink? This could often be an early indicator of poor oral health, including a cavity that needs immediate attention. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA, dentist talks about the causes of sensitive teeth, and how we can help you avoid discomfort in your teeth!

The Factors Behind Tooth Sensitivity

A number of factors could lead to sensitive teeth. For example, a cold winter wind, or even a sinus infection or allergy issues could cause temporary sensitivity. But if the discomfort lasts for more than a day, you could have a cavity or other serious oral health issues that need attention. For example, without proper oral hygiene habits, plaque buildup can coat your teeth and over time, weaken the outer enamel to expose the dentin to bacteria. This leads to demineralization and sensitivity as decay forms. If you brush too hard, this could cause gums to recede and expose the root portions of the teeth, leading to discomfort.

Seeing the Dentist

If you have pain in one or more teeth that persists for more than a day, then let us know right away. Our team will take a close look at the teeth in question with a digital x-ray and intraoral camera image, so we can make a diagnosis with accuracy and precision. We then see if you need treatment. For example, we could discuss better oral hygiene habits to improve comfort levels. In addition, if we discover the presence of a cavity, we can offer relief with a lifelike and durable filling in only one visit. This offers a restoration that blends with your smile and stops discomfort instantly!

Taking a Preventive Approach

You can also make changes to your oral health routine to improve your comfort levels and prevent the risk of cavities and even gum disease. For example, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid gum recession and aching teeth. Use a toothpaste with fluoride, but be wary of whitening ones, as some contain abrasive agents that can increase discomfort. You can find desensitizing toothpaste to use. A healthy diet is key too, cutting back on sugar and starch can help protect your smile. In addition to brushing, make sure you floss to remove the food particles beyond the reach of your toothbrush. Finally, be sure to see our team for a checkup and cleaning. You can schedule one now and use your 2022 dental benefits before they expire.

Make Time for an Appointment Soon!

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