Caring For Age-Related Oral Health

White Hair Pella IAAs you age, there are certain factors in your dentistry that you should keep in mind. Bone density decreases after the age of fifty, and this condition plays a role in the stability of your smile. The connection between the bone and the jaw can suffer as a result of osteoporosis and create a pocket where bacteria can develop. Be sure to stick to a dedicated timeline for your checkups in order to stay on top of both your examinations and cleaning needs.

Your mouth might also have signs of wear from years of use, as daily chewing and speaking can occasionally chip or crack a tooth. The repair of your enamel can help you to smile with a renewed sense of confidence, so speak with your provider at Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA about your options. Aging with grace is achievable with consistent care!

Osteoporosis Plays A Role In Your Dental Health

Bone density naturally begins to decrease around the age of fifty. If you are over this age, it is important for you to keep these changes in mind. Osteoporosis is known as a silent disease, since without a bone scan, you cannot visually see the signs and symptoms. This is why patients sometimes learn of their condition as the result of an injury, so it is vital that you factor your age into your activities.

Stay On Top Of Your Repairs For Lasting Results

Osteoporosis can cause serious harm within an older mouth, as a healthy tooth socket creates a tight connection. The loss of density can develop a pocket between the bone and tooth, and this location can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Speak with your provider about ways to keep your teeth safer for longer with diligent maintenance.

If you require restorative dental procedures, waiting can give an infection the time to grow. Address your concerns quickly after receiving a diagnosis to help limit the progression. A root canal treatment may be necessary to stop bacteria from reaching your jaw. Talk with your dentist about your periodontal health, as well, since your gums provide vital support for your mouth.

Speak With Your Provider In Pella, IA

Care for your smile in order to help you age with grace. Renewing the focus on your dental health can allow you to maintain your existing natural teeth for longer. Speak with a provider about your necessary repairs as well, in order to treat enamel damage and periodontal disease as it occurs. You can achieve a quality smile with dedicated care after the age of fifty. Give our team a call at Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA at 641-628-1121 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!