Restoration For Your Smile With A Dental Crown

Bangs Pella IAHave you recently broken or cracked one of your existing natural teeth? If so, be sure that you speak with a trusted dental provider about repair before things start to become worse. When you lose the protection of your enamel, your tooth is at risk of developing an infection in the soft tissue within, and this situation can become serious. You may start to experience pain or discomfort at the location, and your bacterial growth can start to spread into the bone of your jaw and even into your bloodstream!

With our team in Pella, IA, we can help you to renew your smile with the use of a durable dental crown. A pillar of contemporary restorative dentistry, this sturdy cap helps you to save your tooth after damage. Your provider will attach your new repair atop your existing structure, giving you back the power to bite and chew with confidence. If you have been putting off your repair, talk with a member of our staff about your options in keeping your smile safe. A dental crown could be the right choice for you!

Seek Restoration Quickly To Avoid Further Lasting Harm To Your Smile

If you have a damaged tooth, it may not always seem like an immediate emergency. Sometimes, chips or cracks can develop that might feel like a minor cosmetic issue. If your injury reaches beneath your enamel, however, you could be at risk of an internal tooth infection.

The material that makes up the bulk of your tooth is known as dentin, and this is much more porous and less dense than your enamel. When this tissue is exposed due to physical trauma or tooth decay, bacteria can move freely through it. Eventually, these harmful microorganisms will take hold within the collection of soft tissue known as pulp.

Dental Crowns Help You to Avoid The Loss Of A Damaged Tooth

In order to prevent the need for an extraction of your injured tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. This is a sturdy cap that your provider will cement to the top of your existing structure. Dental crowns take on the role of your chewing surface, giving you back the freedom to bite and speak fully. Before an internal infection starts to set in, take the time to speak with your dentist about whether a dental crown is the next step for your smile!

Talk With A Helpful Dental Team In Pella, IA About Dental Crowns

When you need the powerful restoration of a cracked or broken tooth, talk with your dentist about the possibility of a new dental crown. Give us a call at Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA at (641)628-1121.