Dentist in Oskaloosa, IA Reveals Bacteria in Used Band Instruments

Band instruments, especially used brass and woodwind instruments, can contain heavy amounts of bacteria. According a recent study published in the March/April 2011 issue of General Dentistry, over 440 different bacteria, 58 molds, and 19 yeasts were found on 13 different used musical instruments. Researchers tested 117 sites on the instruments, including internal chambers, mouth pieces, and cases.
“Parents may not realize that the mold in the in their child’s instrument could contribute to the development of asthma,” stated R. Thomas Glass, DDS, PhD, lead author of the study. He further stated that the yeasts can cause infections on the mouth and lips. Some of the bacteria found were the types that cause staph infections, which resist many prescribed antibiotics.
The research brings to light that sterilizing used band instruments is essential prior to using them. Your student’s band instructor can provide thorough steps for sanitizing an instrument. After initial sterilization, the instrument should be wiped down frequently, especially the parts that contact the face and mouth. Dr. Glass also recommends that students should refrain from sharing instruments with others.
Dr. Jeffrey Allen, A Pella, IA dentist, believes the best way to fight the bacteria in your mouth is by following the American Dentist Association’s guidelines of brushing two times a day, flossing once a day, rinsing after meals, and keeping your semi-annual dental visits. Contact Dr. Allen’s office at (641)628-1121 to schedule your six-month appointment. A healthy mouth can play beautiful music! We support the schools and bands in Pella, and we want your young musician to remain healthy for lifelong success!