Help Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

We all want healthy teeth. The easiest way to do this is to make sure to brush and floss twice a day and make a trip to the dentist for regular dental checkups and cleanings once every six months. Another way to help lower the risk of tooth decay is the application of a fluoride varnish on your teeth. Fluoride will help strengthen the enamel in your teeth, helping you fight cavities and reducing your risk of tooth decay.

Seeing Results from Fluoride Varnishes

In a recent study, a fluoride varnish was applied to children’s teeth and after just 12 months, the children’s teeth showed a decrease in decay and an increase in tooth strength. It is safe to have fluoride varnishes applied every three months to increase the strength of your children’s teeth. More studies have shown that children who receive fluoride every three months are less likely to develop cavities compared to a child who did not receive the varnish as often or at all. Almost no fluoride is swallowed in the process and the application is very safe.

Healthy Teeth Makes Strong Teeth

Dr. Jeffery Allen and our team will provide you with dental services for you and your family and when you receive a teeth cleaning, you will receive a wipe-on fluoride varnish on your teeth. Your teeth will feel a little rough after the application but your enamel will have already started strengthening. You don’t even need to wait to eat or drink after the procedure, although your choice of foods should be soft for the remainder of the day. If you prefer to not have the fluoride varnish applied, you can request to not receive the treatment.

An Invitation for Your Family

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