How Much Do You Know About Bad Breath?

It can be your biggest fear before a first date. It can strike fear in the heart of an interviewee. It can make close conversations intimidating, and close relationships more distant. The culprit for all of these social horrors is bad breath. Think you know about this common oral health condition? Our Pella dentist challenges you to this bad breath quiz to see how much you know about oral health. You can check the answers to this quiz by clicking “Read More.”

Bad Breath Quiz

Q1. What is the medical term for chronic bad breath?
A. Xerostomia
B. Halitosis
C. Foul Mouth-itis
D. Dental Caries
Q2. Which of the following contributes to bad breath?
A. Tooth decay
B. Poor oral hygiene
C. Dry mouth
D. All of the above
Q3. True or False: Brushing your teeth is enough to eliminate chronic bad breath.

Bad Breath Quiz Answers

A1. B: The clinical word for chronic bad breath is halitosis. Xerostomia and dental caries are actually common causes of bad breath.
A2. D: All of the above are causes of foul mouth odors. Tooth decay in connection with poor oral hygiene allows plaque to create an environment for odor-causing bacteria. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, contributes to bad breath because of a lack of saliva to wash away food particles, dead cells, and bacteria.
A3. False: While brushing your teeth can help alleviate some foul odors, bad breath has many other causes. You should also brush the back of your tongue or use a tongue scraper daily to prevent odor-causing bacteria from building up in your mouth. Brushing is also not enough if your bad breath is caused by xerostomia or tooth decay. Only professional dental care can eliminate these causes of halitosis.

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