Say "Aaah" for Abscess Treatment

toothache-pellaThere are several possible causes of toothaches, some of which are more obvious than others. The key to finding relief from tooth pain lies in your willingness to take immediate action by calling your Pella, IA general dentist for an appointment. Otherwise, you may develop an infection, which could then lead to a painful abscess.
Each of your teeth has a durable outer covering of enamel. While strong, enamel cannot withstand constant exposure to destructive acids and poor hygiene habits. As the enamel weakens, the inner parts of your tooth are made vulnerable to bacteria living in your mouth. Nerves become exposed, and even the root is without protection. The most obvious symptom of an abscess is an unexplained, severe toothache that develops suddenly and is accompanied with a small bump on your gum tissue, usually resembling a pimple. Dr. Neumann and Dr. Allen share important information below.

Characteristics of Abscessess

There’s nothing pleasant about an abscessed tooth, which can cause a very distinctive, unpleasant odor in your mouth. You may also notice a sour or bitter taste that does not go away even after brushing your teeth. Eating or drinking hot and cold substances can trigger pain in the affect area, and you will almost invariably experience pain when you chew or bite into food. Fever is another symptom of an infection, and you may develop noticeable swelling in the jaw, gums, and various glands.

Treating of Painful Abscesses

First, your dentist will confirm that an abscess is in fact the cause of your discomfort; this usually requires a physical examination of the area followed by x-rays. At this point, the focus is on treating the infection. Without treatment, the tooth may require an extraction, or it may fall out on its own–neither outcome is particularly desirable. Treatment usually involves taking oral antibiotics; the abscess may need to be drained. Most patients find that OTC analgesics and a warm salt water rinse helps soothe dental discomfort, which lasts a few days.

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