Q and A with your Pella Dentists: Power of Fluoride

shutterstock_213955546Your Pella dentists Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann believe in the power of fluoride in preventing and even reversing tooth decay. The use of fluoride in fluoridated community water is responsible for a significant drop in tooth decay in the US and other industrialized nations around the world. Fluoride can be administered through drinking fluoridated water or through topical fluoride treatments. In today’s blog Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann answer frequently asked questions about fluoride.  

Q: What is fluoride?

A Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in several foods and water. When an individual consumes food and water that contains minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate, these minerals are redeposited to the top layer of teeth, the enamel. This process is called remineralization. Bacteria in our mouth produce an acid byproduct that eats through enamel and creates cavities. This is known as demineralization. Remineralization helps to restore enamel following demineralization. If teeth are not able to repair themselves through remineralization, cavities can develop.

Q: Why is fluoride good for our teeth?

A: Fluoride helps fight cavities because it attracts minerals to teeth that will help make teeth more impervious to bacteria’s harmful acid byproduct. Fluoride can also reverse tooth decay in its beginning stage. After cleaning your teeth, Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann’s hygienist will place the wipe-on fluoride varnish.

Q: Is it important that my child also drink fluoridated water?

A: According to the National Cancer Institute, over 72 percent of the US population live in communities that provide fluoridated water through public water supply systems. Scientists first discovered that fluoridated water led to lower rates of tooth decay back in the 1940’s, and many studies since have confirmed this link. Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann encourage parents to include tap water into their child’s daily water intake, especially if their water consumption comes primarily from bottled water.

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