How Bonding Enhances Your Smile

Close up view of beautiful woman lips with red matt lipstick. Open mouth with white teeth. Cosmetology, drugstore or fashion makeup concept. Beauty studio shot. Passionate kissYou often hear from your dentist that the most important practice to consider involves preventive dental care, and that a well-rounded routine makes for a healthy smile. While this is true, you must also take into account that there is a myriad of factors that influence the quality of your grin. Indeed, your oral health is comprised of much more than just your teeth, and threats to it can range from functional to structural and even to cosmetic. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist will discuss the importance of maintaining a beautiful appearance, and how this goal can be accomplished with the help of bonding and contouring.

Correcting Noticeable Blemishes

When it comes to your preventive dental routine, you will want to make sure it covers a breadth of area. This includes brushing and flossing at home, paying mind to the effects that certain foods and beverages may have on your structures, and of course, attending routine checkups and cleanings.

Still though, you may be doing everything right yet still endure a noticeable blemish such as a chip or crack. These can arise from a number of factors, but the most common of them includes accidents and emergencies involving physical injury. Sometimes, however, the damage is purely surface-level, offering no damage to your overall health. This begs the question: what are your options? Fortunately, that is where our team comes in to help with cosmetic dentistry.

Making Your Tooth Whole Again

When asking many individuals, most of them will confirm that a noticeable blemish in a smile can be problematic. After all, many associate heightened levels of confidence with a bright and vibrant beam, which means complications can actually be much more detrimental than initially thought.

In the cases of chips and cracks in particular, your dentist may recommend the help of cosmetic bonding and contouring. During this process, our team will apply a composite resin material to the affected area and begin contouring or shaping the material to satisfaction. Once complete, we will utilize a special light to cure the material as it bonds to your structures, and voila! A complete smile once more. For chips, this treatment can reestablish symmetry. For cracks, we can provide a smooth finish. To learn more about this process and what your options might be, reach out to our front desk.

A Natural Appearance

One of the major benefits that accompanies bonding and contouring is our ability to alter the hue of the material to match your natural teeth. We utilize shade-match technology to closely resemble your natural hue so that once bonded, your treatment will not appear out of place or even noticeable.

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