The World of the Digital X-ray: Smart, Safe, Serene

Traditional X-rays require chemical treatments to your mouth and produce low-level radiation. Sometimes oral examination requires a closer look than your dentist’s naked eye can execute, and that’s what makes dental x-rays so necessary for thorough exams by your dentist. Thankfully, Dr. Allen and our team have taken advantage of the most cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology to achieve the greatest levels of ease, comfort, precision, and patient health. We’re equipped with digital X-rays to provide the smartest, safest, and most serene examination possible.
Digital X-rays are employed alongside computerized equipment and customized software in order to capture X-ray images of your teeth and mouth. Digital radiography is superior to the outdated traditional X-rays. It’s extremely accurate, but equally as important if not more, it’s safer. There are no chemicals used in the process of digital X-raying. Additionally, you’re exposed to approximately 80 percent less radiation than a traditional x-ray. After the images are taken, they are viewed instantly. The images can be enhanced for a more detailed look. Furthermore, we can store them electronically and email them easily to insurance companies and any other desired specialists, which does wonders for speeding up the processes of your healthcare.  
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