2011 Holiday Gift Giving Season

Give the Best Gift This Season

The 2011 holiday season is here, and there’s still time to get the perfect gift for everyone. Don’t succumb to giving your special one a gift card—even if the gift is a little offbeat, getting an actual gift means a lot. Dr. Allen can help you give your loved one the smile of his or her life by giving the gift of dental care.

Dental Gift Ideas

Teeth Whitening: The expense of teeth whitening solutions might keep your loved one from the smile of his or her dreams. Over-the-counter systems are not effective for everyone, and one-visit teeth whitening with an LED light can cause sensitivity.  Professional home systems are safe and effective.
Dr. Allen offers at-home whitening that you can apply in the comfort of your home. If you plan to give this gift, the recipient will only have to come in to the office once so that we can create custom-fitted bleaching trays. Home whitening only takes two weeks to yield dramatic results. The trays are reusable and the  whitening gel is always available for purchase in our office. Just contact Allen Family Dentistry.
Electric Toothbrush: The electric toothbrushes on the market this season are better and more affordable than ever before. The debate between the manual toothbrush and the electric toothbrush has gone on since electric toothbrushes first came on the market. Research doesn’t show that an electric toothbrush works better than a manual, but certain traits of the electric toothbrush make the job a breeze. Forget having to count the minutes you brush; electric toothbrushes come with timers that buzz to tell you to switch between different quadrants in your mouth. The timer helps you brush every tooth for essentially the exact same amount of time. Not only does the electric toothbrush have a built in timer, but it also has high powered bristles that do the heavy lifting for you, removing plaque more thoroughly and faster, and with superior consistency than you can alone with a manual. Not only will the electric toothbrush help you keep your teeth clean but it will also reduce the plastic waste, since the heads of electric toothbrushes are much smaller. The extras on the electric toothbrush make this a perfect gift that you can spoil your loved one with.

Give a Beautiful Smile

If you want to give the gift of a dazzling white smile, call (641) 640-1121. Allen Family Dentistry serves families from Oskaloosa, Monroe, Knoxville, Newton, and surrounding central Iowa communities. We are happy to help you give the best gift this holiday season.