Should I Chew Gum or Mints to Treat My Bad Breath?

When bad breath springs itself on you, what should you do? You could always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag, or you could carry bad breath fighters such as gum or mints. Beside the fact the carrying around gum or mints is much more convenient than a complete oral hygienic kit, they are also quicker and easier to use. The real question is—should you chew gum or mints?

A Sticky Situation

Although gum is a quick temporary solution to bad breath, sometimes it can be a nuisance for people around you. Yes, smacking or chewing loudly is a very common pet peeve. In addition, while mints are much easier on a grab-and-go basis, they do not stimulate saliva production. The mint in your mouth will freshen your breath much quicker than gum, but will also disappear just as quickly. Gum however, induces saliva production and thus keeps your breath fresher longer.

How Does Saliva Play a Part in Freshening Breath?

As odd as it may sound, saliva is actually a big part of freshening breath. At times when your mouth is dry and lacks moisture, it probably isn’t smelling its best. Saliva production in the mouth keeps bacteria to a minimum, shutting down opportunity for growth which can cause bad breath. This is part of the reason our breath has a little kick to it in the morning. Another helpful tips to combating bad breath is drinking water. A hydrated mouth is a happy mouth, not to mention water is one of the most cost effective beverages.

Preventing Bad Breath

Part of the oral cleansing process can not be done with a toothbrush, a piece of floss, or a slice of gum. It is important to see your dentist every six months to take preventive measures. Dr. Allen and his team work hard to educate their patients on proper oral health. Call Dr. Allen to schedule an appointment today. In addition to the Central Iowa area, Dr. Allen serves patients in Knoxville, Oskaloosa, Monroe, and Newton.

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