The Great American Smokeout

What is the Great American Smokeout?

The American Cancer Society puts on the Great American Smokeout every third Thursday in November to raise awareness about the harmful side effects of tobacco. Even though tobacco is still the leading cause of premature deaths and preventable diseases in the United States.  It’s shocking that despite tobacco’s grip on Americans more than 46 million people still cannot kick the habit.
You probably know what The American Cancer Society determined: many cancer deaths could be prevented. Tobacco has the potential to cause cancer in the lungs, lips, mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, and has been linked to causing health problems in systems throughout the body. In addition to these cancers, tobacco can also cause gum disease.

Preventive Dentistry in Pella, Iowa

At Allen Family Dentistry, we believe prevention is the key to avoiding a number of oral and overall health problems. Your mouth and entire body benefit from eating correctly, getting the prescribed amount of exercise, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamins. The medical community believes strongly in the idea that a preventive lifestyle will not only keep you healthy, but also make your life more enjoyable.

Gum Disease

In addition to cancer, tobacco can cause gum disease. Gum disease affects a large portion of the population. Sometimes gum disease is called the silent disease since the side effects are not always noticeable. If gum disease is left untreated, it can cause permanent damage to the mouth. Studies have linked gum disease to systemic health problems such as, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, low-weight births, diabetes, and other problematic conditions.
You should visit our hygienist for regular checkups, which means every six months or as directed if you have a tobacco habit. Our hygienist is trained to find gum disease in the early stages and to provide diagnosis, treatment, and a maintenance plan for all stages of the disease.

Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

Quitting is not easy, but the American Cancer Society provides several aids to help you.  In addition to this help, an accountability partner — that you are completely honest with during the quitting process — is irreplaceable.
The Choose You Movement is a program aimed at preventing all types of cancer through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The American Cancer Society teams up with the Choose You Movement to support those who commit to quit smoking and eat healthy.  This movement even provides a process for making these life-changing commitments.
If you need a checkup because you are a tobacco user, or just because you’re new to the Pella, Iowa area, call 641-640-1121. Allen Family Dentist Office serves patients from Oskaloosa, Monroe, Knoxville, Newton, and communities surrounding central Iowa.